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4-, 8- or 16-Month Civil Engineering Internship

The successful candidate would be quickly integrated with the existing team. Soli believes in the philosophy of "hire for attitude, train for aptitude". What we are looking for first and foremost is a candidate with the work ethic, energy and attitude that fits the culture of the existing team. We encourage candidates with all levels of experience and skill to apply.
The work would consist of a blend of roadway design and construction administration for various owners throughout Saskatchewan including the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. This role will likely include field work. The ability to travel freely throughout the province is a requirement. Work shifts may consist of travel (and living) away from Regina or Saskatoon for a period of multiple consecutive days at a time. Out of town accommodations and living allowances will be provided.

The successful candidate will be shadowed by Project Engineers and experienced project technicians having similar backgrounds and accelerated careers to those enrolled in this job seeking opportunity. The successful candidate will be a key contributor in an entrepreneurial engineering firm, trained to perform many construction services roles and / or be trained to provided design support in the Regina office or Saskatoon office (based on candidate preference and team needs). Typical roles and responsibilities may include but will not be limited to:

  • Topographic surveys and construction staking with RTK GPS;

  • Quality Assurance testing of construction materials (laboratory and field testing);

  • Construction supervision of earthworks, paving and surfacing, aggregate production, transportation, bridge construction;

  • Design calculations and reporting;

  • Civil 3D drafting, model creation, and development of plans and profiles;

  • Environmental scans and bird sweeps;

  • Project management and coordination of projects;

  • Transportation planning studies;

  • Business development and client relationships;

  • Preparing tender documents;

  • Strong Microsoft excel skills would be considered an asset;

  • Building and aiding to the evolving culture at Soli Solution; and

  • Contributing to the safety culture, abiding by policies and practices established by Soli management, and contributing with feed back and engaging in democratic based decision making where you see fit.

Soli Solutions is dedicated to mentoring all successful candidates throughout their work term. At Soli you will be working along side a team of diverse, motivated, and passionate individuals. Soli Solution's team members have a variety of experience, from transportation industry leaders to first year EIT's and junior technicians. It is our goal to put all candidates in a position to excel - come jump start your career at Soli Solutions.

Job Types: 4, 8 or 16 month Internship (Start: May 1, 2023)

Salary: $21.00 - $26.00 an hour

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